New Traffic Signal Accident Analysis Program

John A. DeMarr, P.I.’s new statewide traffic signal analysis program provides important new tools for attorneys; insurance companies; and, perhaps most importantly, to injured plaintiffs across California.

John A. DeMarr PI’s new statewide traffic signal analysis program provides important new tools for attorneys, insurance companies, and to injured plaintiffs.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2018 / — Orange County private investigator John A. DeMarr, P.I., has announced a new internal study of signalized intersections, of particular value in motor vehicle accident investigation. Using government and non-profit agency reports, DeMarr’s new study addresses the 1,000+ fatal accidents, and thousands more injury accidents, that occur every year.

“Our new study shows that most intersection accidents are caused by driver error, says DeMarr. “That primary cause is followed, in order by signal light failure, signal desynchronization, and finally, signal system failure to detect vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians.

“Nowadays,” reports DeMarr, “detection technology allows signal cycle lengths to be adjusted, to improve traffic flow and reduce wait times. The most modern systems rely on video detection, micro-wave sensors, infrared detectors, and similar micro-processor-controlled systems. But a single signalized intersection system can cost $100,000.00 or more to install. And they have to be maintained and repaired regularly.”

“Our new report results refine focus on analyzing the following, “ says DeMarr.

1. Driver error: People make mistakes driving. Driver behavior is the most important factor in analysis of intersection accidents. Inattentiveness causes more accidents. Distraction, especially texting and cellular telephone use, are major causes of driver errors at intersections.

2. Signal Light Failure: Intersection factors that can increase the frequency of driver errors include signal light failures. Most frequently, this can case a driver to run a red light. This can result from poor placement of traffic signal heads; poor lane alignment; complex traffic light phasing; environmental factors (including landscaping); and distractions in and around an intersection. The investigator seeking to understand how signals may have affected an accident has to consider all these factors, reports the Federal Highway Administration.

3. Signal Desynchronization: This can usually only be proven by analysis of electronic information obtained from the city, county or state governmental agency responsible for maintaining the intersection signal systems.

4. Signal System failure to detect vehicles, bicycles or pedestrians: This also can only be established by electronic information, surveillance cameras or interviewing witnesses.

“As I have noted before, good photographs of the scene of an accident, taken immediately thereafter, are CRUCIAL,” says DeMarr. “With most everyone having a mobile telephone nowadays, we see many cases where great photos were taken right after the accident. But interpreting the photographs is where a private investigator’s skill and experience come into play.”

Understanding and analyzing traffic signal systems can be the crucial element in establishing liability, in an intersection accident. You need an experienced private investigator to review all the evidence in your case, including obtain traffic signal maintenance information; statementize witnesses; take meaningful forensic photographs; recording and measuring tire and skid marks; and securing damaged vehicles for expert analysis.

About John A. DeMarr, P.I.: John A. DeMarr, P.I., has provided consistently innovative process service and private investigation services over 30 years of experience in California – always reasonably priced, always within the bounds of California law. Courts have upheld our service techniques, resulting in judgments, subpoena service and post-judgment enforcement results against deadbeat parents; defendants evading service of process; residents of gated communities; corporations and partnerships; and unfaithful spouses.

John A. DeMarr, PI’s new statewide traffic signal analysis program provides important new tools for attorneys; insurance companies; and, perhaps most importantly, to injured plaintiffs across California.

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