These 19 Plug-In Electric Cars Qualify For Full $7,500 Tax Credit

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Section 30D Of Tax Code Outlines Electric Vehicle Credit

It’s tax time again. Or tax credit time, if you’ve purchased a plug-in and qualify.

Does the plug-in electric car you purchased in 2017 qualify for the full $7,500 U.S. federal tax credit?

If it’s listed below, it does. If not, then it still qualifies for a reduced amount, which you can find here on our Compare EVs page.

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*Editor’s Note: Be sure to consult with your accountant before filing. Only he or she is fully qualified to advise on your particular tax situation. Tax form for plug-in electric vehicle credit should be available on March 8 this year. There’s been a delay in its release.

Link to IRS form for Plug-In Electric Drive Vehicle Credit

Let’s move on to those 19 plug-ins (listed in ABC order) that qualify for the full amount.

BMW i3 & i3 REx – All Versions – Priced from $42,400 to $51,500 plus options

With battery sizes ranging from 21.6 kWh to 33.2 kWh and available in battery-electric, as well as a range-extended version, the i3 offers multiples choices to satisfy various needs.

Cadillac CT6 PHEV – Priced from $75,095

Its 18.4-kWh battery provides 31 miles of electric range. Combined with the fuel in the tank, total range is 440 miles.

Chevrolet Bolt EV – Priced from $36,620

Its big 60 kWh battery provides it with 238 miles of pure electric range. After the tax credit, its price drops into the upper $20,000 range.

Chevrolet Volt – Priced from $33,220

This plug-in hybrid benefits from a big 18.4-kWh battery that provides it with 53 miles of electric range. After the tax credit, its price is a very reasonable $26,596.

2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Chrysler Pacific Hybrid – Priced from $ 39,995

It’s the only plug-in minivan on the market. Its 16-kWh battery provides it with 33 miles of electric range. Total cruising range is 570 miles.

BEVs available natiowide

Fiat 500e – Priced from $ $32,995

Its 24-kWh battery provides 84 miles of electric range. This pure electric is more of an in-town runabout due to limited range.

Ford Focus Electric – Priced from $29,120

33.5 kWh and 115 miles of electric range make this car a solid choice considering its after-tax-credit price is just $22,495.

Cheapest BEVs

Honda Clarity Electric – Offered on lease only

Lease only and only in a couple of states. It does qualify for the full credit, but you won’t get to claim it due to its lease-only status. The leasing company/lender gets the credit here. It’s up to each specific agreement whether or not any of that credit works to benefit the lessee.

EV Sales

Honda Clarity PHEV – Priced from $33,400

A 17-kWh battery provides 47 miles of electric range. Total range is 340 miles and its after-credit price is low at $26,790.

BEVS available nationwide

Hyundai IONIQ Electric – Priced from $ 29,500

The IONIQ Electric boasts a 28-kWh battery that provides it with 124 miles of electric-only range.

Karma Revero – Priced from $130,000

Woah, that’s a lot of dough. A 21.4-kWh battery provides it with 37 miles of electric range. Total range of this PHEV is 240 miles.

Kia Soul EV – Priced from $32,350

The 2017 version came with a 27-kWh battery, while the improved 2018 model gets approximately 34-kWh of juice. Range is 93 for a 2017 and 111 miles for the 2018.

Mercedes-Benz B-Class ED – Priced from $39,900

36 kWh on board, but only 87 miles of electric-only range. It’s fairly cheap for a Mercedes though.

Nissan LEAF – Priced from $29,990

The 2017 LEAF, before the launch of the new and much improved new 18 LEAF, featured a 30-kWh battery and 107 miles of range.

Smart Fortwo ED – Priced from $23,800

Just 17.6 kWh of battery and only 58 miles of range. It is the cheapest battery-electric car sold in the U.S. though. After-credit price of $17,050.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 – Priced from $44,000

Approximately 80 kWh on board in the Model 3. Range is an impressive 310 miles. A shorter range, cheaper version is supposedly coming later this year.

Tesla Model S – All Versions – Priced from $74,500 to $135,000

Battery sizes of 75 or 100 kWh, AWD and range of up to 335 miles (259 to 335 miles depending on version) makes this rather pricey car a standout.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X – All Versions – Priced from $79,500 to $140,000

Battery sizes of 75 or 100 kWh, AWD, and range of up to 295 miles (238 to 295 miles depending on version) puts this electric SUV in a class of its own, but it’s expensive.

Volkswagen e-Golf – Priced from $28,995, slightly more for improved 2017 model

2016 and 2017 e-Golf were sold in the U.S. last. The 16 version had a 24.2-kWh battery pack and 83 miles of range. The much-improved 17 model got a 35.8-kWh battery and 125 miles of range.

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If you purchased any of the vehicles listed above in 2017 – provided you have at least $7,500 in tax liabilities – then you’re eligible to receive the full $7,500 tax credit. Other plug-in vehicles qualify for a lower amount (see here for the available credit amount for all plug-ins). Consult with your accountant to ensure you get back what’s rightfully yours.

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