China’s Electric Vehicle Leaders – Who Are They?

The Nio EP9 self-driving concept electric vehicle (Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images)

Pop quiz: Name China’s top five electric vehicle makers.

Not so easy, right?  Don’t worry. You’re not alone — and the China EV revolution is just getting started.

I recently gave a talk at the 3 Revolutions conference hosted by the University of California- Davis. The event marked the launch of a new book which I co-authored: Three Revolutions: Steering Electric, Shared and Autonomous Vehicles To A Better Future. Right after the talk several people approached me with a similar set of questions:

1. Who are the leading Chinese electric vehicle makers?

2. How do their cars perform – range, reliability, speed, price?

3. How soon will they hit American shores

Here’s what we know:


• Chinese brands accounted for 96% of 711,000 EVs built and sold in China last year.

• BYD, Beijing Electric Vehicle Corp,  ZhiDou, Shanghai Auto and Zotye are the major producers. 

• Tesla, Nissan Leaf and Denza are the only three non-Chinese EV brands for sale today.

• Even the Chevy Bolt is not currently sold in the PRC.

A BYD Qin  (Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images)

China’s Best-Selling EVs in 2017

#1 – Beijing Auto EC 180

#2 – Geely ZhiDou D2

#3 – BYD Song DM

#4 – Chery eQ

#5 – BYD E5

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