Maharashtra to procure 1,000 electric vehicles

State seeks to combat pollution from vehicular emission.

Mumbai: Paving the way for green transportation, the state government has signed an agreement with Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to boost electric mobility in Maharashtra, especially in cities such as Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur. As such, the state is looking forward to increasing the movement of electric vehicles to combat pollution from vehicular emission.

As part of the first phase of the agreement, EESL will provide over 1,000 electric vehicles in Maharashtra. UNEP director Erik Solheim stated that government policies, a strong public transport system, encouraging car-pooling and e-mobility must be implemented across states to reduce air pollution.

For the first phase, EESL had floated a global tender for 10,000 electric cars out of which 500 vehicles were to be procured in this phase. Tata Motors and Mahindra & Mahindra have won the bid in the first tender of EESL for 10,000 cars. Initially, the electric vehicles will be used by government bodies, which will later be extended to private and public transport. “In the initial phase, the supplied electric cars will be used by government bodies and charging stations are being set up in government offices. Not only it is eco-friendly, but it is also a cheaper alternative as seen in other countries. Even if you charge your car at about Rs 10 per unit, the cost running per kilometre is less than Rs 1 as compared to Rs 5 to Rs 6 for petrol and diesel,” said Saurabh Kumar, managing director, EESL.

For the tender of the second phase, EESL is waiting for the finalisation of a new policy on charging stations by the department of heavy industries. Elaborating on consumers’ behaviour, Mr Solheim told The Asian Age, “We’re at a turning point, but there’s still more to do. Consumers are being held back by ease-of-use issues, specifically driving range and charging points. At the same time, the initial purchase price and longer term cost of ownership are extremely competitive.”

E-Vehicles  across indian

In agreement with EESL, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat will procure 10,000 EVs and 8,000 EVs respectively.

Presently, around 200 electric cars are operational in Delhi, and another 150 will be added.

The company is in talks Rajasthan, MP and Telangana for supply of electric cars.

The Union government had earlier announced that there would be only electric vehicles on the streets by 2030.

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