Panasonic studies new batteries, Canadian plug-in car sales, and Twitter poll results: Today’s Car News

BMW i3 electric car at EVgo DC fast-charging station

BMW i3 electric car at EVgo DC fast-charging station

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Panasonic is looking into new electric-car batteries with smaller amounts of cobalt. The latest Canadian electric car sales may raise some eyebrows. The results are in from the latest Twitter poll. And a new study shows it’s less expensive to curb global warming than it is to adapt to the changes. All of this and more on Green Car Reports.

Panasonic has begun studying batteries with less cobalt in their construction. Eventually, the company wants to develop batteries with no cobalt at all.

The latest plug-in car sales report for May rewrote records in Canada. Nissan Leaf sales took off.

The results are in from our latest Twitter poll on where most of our Twitter followers who drive electric cars charge them.

A new study shows how much cheaper it is to curb global warming than spend money adapting to the effects of a hotter planet.

Ford has patented a new safety tech system that alerts drivers of lane-splitting motorcyclists.

Finally, Apple CarPlay will add Google Maps and Waze with iOS 12 this fall. 

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