Electric charging station installed at Eliot River Elementary

Eliot River Elementary in Cornwall, P.E.I., is building on its renewable energy strategy once again.

To go along with the 12 solar panels on its grounds, the school has now added an electric vehicle charging station.

The charger, which has been donated by M.B. Eye Electrical, is in the parking lot in front of the Terry Fox Sports Complex and teacher Darren Ford says it’s a perfect fit in the school’s sustainability theme.

“We started small and we’ve kind of gotten big,” he said. “We’re probably the only school in P.E.I. and probably eastern Canada that does have an electric charger in their parking lot.”

The station already had its first client, charging up a Tesla. (Submitted by Darren Ford)

Ford said the charger is for anyone to come by and use.

With initiatives like this, Ford hopes the students see the value in the school’s steps — however big or small — to promote sustainability and renewable energies. 

“The overall importance is going back to the students and educating the student population,” he said.

“I’m a bit older and a bit greyer, as they say, and the students are the future. If they can learn about these sustainability initiatives as they move through our school, hopefully they’ll see a purpose and a need for it as they grow older.”

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