BMW iX3 production, Fisker solid-state batteries, and Tesla self-driving price bump: Today’s Car News

Jul 11, 2018

BMW Concept iX3

BMW Concept iX3

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BMW will build the iX3 electric car in China. Fisker claims it has a three-year head start on solid-state batteries. Tesla increases the price of a self-driving car function that doesn’t exist yet. And a bipartisan carbon-tax coalition is facing opposition even before it does anything. All of this and more on Green Car Reports.

BMW has decided it will build the iX3 electric SUV in China and export the vehicle globally.

Henrik Fisker, namesake of the Fisker car brand, declared a solid-state battery breakthrough and believes his company has a three-year head start on the revolutionary batteries. Others aren’t so sure.

Tesla has raised the price of its Full Self-driving Capability option. The catch? It doesn’t exist yet, but those who prepaid won’t see a price increase.

Oil interest groups have already begun lobbying against a carbon tax even before it’s introduced. 

Jaguar-Land Rover may launch a new auto brand with a Chinese partner.

Finally, crash-avoidance technology is now standard on the Subaru Outback and Legacy.


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