Chargepoints head for the highway as Automated and Electric Vehicles Act becomes law

Motorway services and large fuel retailers could be forced to install EV chargers under new laws

Act will mean motorway services and large petrol retailers have to install electric car chargers in support of EV rollout

Electric car chargers are set to become a more common sight on UK highways and motorways in near future, after the Automated and Electric Vehicles Act became law earlier today.

The Act gives government the power to force petrol stations and motorway services to install electric vehicle (EV) chargers to ensure charging availability keeps up with market demand. It will also require operators to ensure charge points are compatible with all EVs and standardise payment systems for charging.

In addition, the Act updates insurance rules to ensure drivers are covered even when self-driving modes are activated.  

The government claims the Act’s passage into law will help speed the UK’s journey towards a cleaner, greener and less congested road transport system.

“The increasing automation of our cars is transforming the way we drive, and the government is steadily updating our laws in order to prepare for the future,” Roads Minister Jesse Norman said. “This Act will ensure that the UK’s infrastructure and insurance system is ready for the biggest transport revolution in a century.”

The legislation forms part of the government’s Road to Zero strategy, which aims to almost completely decarbonise road transport by mid-century. Under the plans, only hybrid and electric cars will be sold in the UK from 2040.

In related news, US energy copany Con Edison today launched a new online marketplace for EVs, allowing car shoppers to conduct side-by-side comparison of different electric vehicle options.

The Con Edison Cars site is an expansion of the firm’s current online Marketplace where Con Edison customers can review options for green technologies including smart thermostats, LED lighting and energy-saving appliances.

The decision to launch an EV branch of the Marketplace was inspired by research from the site’s host Enervee, which found 60 per cent of people want zero emission vehicles but are unfamiliar with what options are available on the market.

The new Con Edison Cars microsite allows users to put in their driving habits and potential charging locations, and will serve information on price, fuel costs, driving range and available tax breaks for appropriate EVs.

“We’ve created Con Edison Cars to help car buyers in New York see the benefits of choosing an electric vehicle,” said Cristina Coltro, manager of Con Edison’s Reforming the Energy Vision Demonstration Projects. “It’s part of our effort to help our customers make energy-smart decisions and to encourage greenhouse gas emissions reductions.”

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