Now electric vehicles to have green number plates

New Delhi:
All battery-operated vehicles will now have to bear number plates with green background, the government said on Friday.

A notification issued by the Road Transport and Highways Ministry said while battery-operated transport vehicles will have to exhibit their registration numbers in yellow colour on green background, such private vehicles will lso have to change their number plates to white colour on green background.

“The Ministry has notified amendments to Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 to this effect. It had invited objections and suggestions from general public on these in May last,” an official statement said.

The government also invited suggestions and objections to from general public on proposed amendments to the Central Motor Vehicles Rules regarding retro-fitment of electric kits to motor vehicles.

Nino Plevnik

I am an electric cars lover. I love our planet and want to leave it in good condition to our children. One of the good ways to do this is to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere. As a technical person I worked on computers, hardware maintenance and programming. Otherwise I like advanced technologies, music, books, movies, life and nice weather.

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